Data Policy

§3 Data privacy statement

(1)    Following you can find the data privacy statement of SEXTERMEDIA.
(2)    By completing and submitting an electronic form for registration and placing an order from the service package of SEXTERMEDIA the customer sends personal data to SEXTERMEDIA.
(3)    SEXTERMEDIA uses the information provided by the customer personal data (eg e- mail address) in accordance with the provisions of applicable data privacy law for the purpose of invoicing and contractual performance. In that regard, collects, stores and processes SEXTERMEDIA exclusively by the customer as part of its information data made available. SEXTERMEDIA uses cookies to process the requests and requirements of the customers.
(4)    For the purpose of contractual performance to the personal data of customers will pass on the payment unwinding Payment service providers. The payment service provider is also required to use the personal data of the customer only in accordance with the provisions of the applicable data protection law.
(5)    Data transmissions are made using the "Secure Socket Layer (SSL)" technology.
(6)    The customer is entitled at any time by sending an e-mail address to request the amendment, blocking or deletion of data, unless this would result in a risk of performing the contract.
(7)    About the data privacy statement addition, all the SEXTERMEDIA transmitted personal data of the customer are not made available to any third person without the specific written consent, except that this must be governmental or legal arrangement.
(8)    With the completion of this contract, including the full payment of the agreed fees, the customer's data that must be retained for legal reasons, with the exception of the data for which consent was given in another use, locked. This data is available for further use is no longer available.
(9)    If the customer wants more information about the storage of the personal data or the deletion, blocking or changing of the personal data, the support should be contact. The e- mail address is finding in (6).