Punishment must be for teen Hanna


Hanna is lucky. She is allowed to appear again for the shoot, but learns directly from the photographer that the last shoot was not as great as he had imagined. Since he appreciates her potential, he kindly grants her a second chance and gives her the opportunity to learn something about it. Hanna had actually prepared for a lingerie shoot. But she didn't want a partial act, let alone act and highly suggestive motifs. The photographer sees it differently. She has to be thankful for the second chance and the corrections. Finally, he sacrifices his precious time for her. A lesson of a different kind for the fetish model. The photographer does not tolerate any contradiction when posing. When the photographer's assistant also receives measures, Hanna sees her as a fellow sufferer - at least until she has her fingers in her rosette. After all, the assistant should prepare the model for teaching practices that may be unpleasant but absolutely necessary for fetish models. Hanna will quickly learn what to look for as a model, especially if the photographer is a passionate Dominus and is only too happy to use the submissiveness of the awkward model in his favor.