Michelle - the first erotic shooting


The dark-haired Michelle with her short mini dress is today for the first time at the erotic photo shoot. Still a bit shy at the beginning, but then she drops the covers: Schwupps, gone is the pretty white lace slip. She likes that and in the meantime she is already pretty horny. No prick far and wide - so she has to do it herself... Gently stroking the small breasts, her shaved little pussy and the cheeky clit would also like to be spoiled. She makes herself comfortable in the cozy chair and lets her fingers circle around the clitoris, hmmm, the pussy is already dripping with pleasure and wants more! You can always rely on the dildo friend, who is already ready and Michelle lets him into her pussy - in, out, deeper and deeper. The dildo friend is her favorite toy. There is also not stopped at the tight butt, because anal sex is also one of her preferences. So the tight rosette is stretched until it fits and then the popo fuck starts. Of course there's also a finale and Michelle lets herself drift in the waves of orgasm. Pete, when starts the next shooting?