Keller Sclavin Sandy


The dapper and beautiful Sandy reports to a slave application of the perverse prison warden. With a good deal of naivety and the conviction to try something new, she steps in front of the cathedral. She wants to convince him with her beauty and with her cleaning skills. Lightweight she claims to be very resilient. The cathedral gives her a resounding slap and asks again. She hesitates for a moment, but confirms. Now she is supposed to symbolize her bad qualities, physically as well as psychologically, by writing everything on the blackboard. It does, but we know the cathedral well enough now that it would run smoothly. Necessary evil, at least for the moody slave, is the Maßregelung by the cathedral. He must explain the rules to her and clarify in what context she can and should move. The best way to do this is the experience always based on stamps. Also the tone of the aspirant is questionable. Her Master, if he accepts her as a slave, is aware that this requires some work. He finally looks for a diamond, and in terms of its shortcomings, it is more like a piece of dirty coal. The sub now has to present her body openings while Sandy assesses herself and her qualities as a good fuck. The classic is true. The sub has a strong interest in anal, but is still undefiled. She has to apologize for that. Now, the aspirant is also to learn what consequences their transgressions will have, and here too it is important to make an example ..