Electro-gyn practice


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  • Duration: 00:26:39
  • Serie: Doctor Dirty
Domina Dina holds something special for the potential lover of 'white eroticism' ready. Slave Hanna, intimidated positioned on a gyn chair and the situation owed of course pronounced exposed, may expose the medical experimentation of Domina Dina. Of course, she talks to her as if she even has a choice to be here, but makes it equally clear that this is not the case. She must have no fear, because the procedure would already survive them - as a patient, one would like to hear such confidence-inspiring words. After the slave has been fixed with bandages, she may learn what to expect. Electronic torture of the genitals, or as Domina Dina puts it, an investigation into the mode of action of electricity on the reproductive organs. 2 metal plugs, which serve the stimulation current device as Pole, are placed more or less gently in anus and vagina.