Boot licking basement slave experiences hot wax games


Wax games and golden showers are part of Domina Dina's education. You can't do without! And a slave who wants to please his mistress doesn't just show up naked and in a leather mask, but follows his mistress and her wishes. During Mistress Dina's punishments, the slave can scream as much as he likes, no one hears him in the cellar anyway. Before the wax games on naked slave skin begin, Domina Dina lets her lick her high heels. Meticulously the basement slave licks the black shoes of his dominatrix. From toe to heel, the slave has to clean his mistress' shoes with his tongue. After boot licking, Domina Dina wants to become active and no longer watch the slave's saliva licking. Placed on the table, hot wax from a burning candle drips mercilessly onto the skin of the basement slave. Squirming with pleasure, the submissive slave endures the torture until his upper body is completely covered in hot wax. Domina Dina cools him down with a golden shower. The golden shower comes directly from the hairy cunt of the dominatrix.