Basement slave endures trampling


Domina Dina devotes herself once again to her personal basement slave. The submissive slave doesn't get much to laugh about with Domina Dina, because as a basement slave you have to endure a lot. Mistress Dina wants special clothes. No slave is allowed to appear before her without a leather mask! Naked in a quadruped position, the slave has to appear before his mistress to receive his orders. Domina Dina has her basement slave write down the slave rules on a blackboard today. No real punishment for a naughty and disobedient slave! As a fat and disobedient sow, this slave doesn't have much to laugh about today during his meeting with Mistress Dina. For his disobedience, the basement slave now receives his punishment. Equipped with a penis cage, the sporting exercises demanded by Dina are not particularly painful, but amusing for the dominatrix. The athletic performance was more than inadequate. Trampling is the punishment. Delighted, Domina Dina bounces around on her slave. The trampling on the back and ass puts the basement slave strongly and one can clearly see the footprints of the dominatrix. Translated with (free version)