Peeing and other messes in the pigsty


An old, dirty university lecturer is housed in a filthy, narrow pigsty. The strict young farmer's wife opens the gate and lets him crawl out - well, where is the little curly tail? He lies in suspenders and nylons on the floor of the pigsty, his penis shrinking to nothing at her words. He wears a rubber mask that covers his face - only small openings for mouth, nose and eyes have been left out. He drools and falls to his knees in front of the black-clad peasant woman with the deep cleavage. He whimpers and gets a lesson with the pitchfork, the tines digging into his tongue and cheeks. The submissive horny old sack begs for punishment - he gets a hot stream of piss straight from the stinking farmer's cunt right in the face. This bizarre fetish scene between young and old, depraved and submissive, powerful and humiliating, dirty and reprehensible seems like something out of a dark sci-fi script - and yet it is pure cruel reality.