Gynecology Extreme -The diagnosis


In this practice, alternative healing methods are common practice. The timid patient Sophie suffers daily. She is constantly subject to the urge of compulsive masturbation. Embarrassed she comes to the investigation into the practice. The doctor already has knowledge of Sophie's problems and has already gained experience in his career. Before the patient lies to the doctor and to himself, he makes an example of her. Quickly Sophie realizes that she will not pull out of the affair so easily, because the doctor makes her understand that they either submit, or have to expect a forced introduction. The control scan of the doctor sparked in her already the desire to lay hands again. She plays the unpleasantly touched, but is directly addressed. Shortly thereafter, Sophie sits down on the gynecological chair. To her surprise, she is fixed here by return mail. Neither withdrawal nor flight are possible. The Doctor begins with his promising practices. The doctor soon summons a nurse to assist him in putting on the speculum and to keep the flashlight under consideration. Sophie will submit - whether she likes it or not. After all, it is a hardship that requires special treatment.