Domina Amanda - Making of 1


Today we get to look behind the scenes at Amanda. The work of a real dominatrix offers plenty of fuel for the uninitiated. Amanda loves the colour black. Her hair, the leather corsage, the dog collar, the leather boots, the leather whip, even the rubber mask of the slave - everything is black as night - black like Amanda's heart. Because that's what you might think from the rough tone that prevails here in the studio...The customer is shouted at, humiliated, insulted, patronised and made a pig of. The slaves are sexually humiliated and fucked in every orifice imaginable. There is a torture rack, suspension devices, several whips to choose from, various black dildos, masks, costumes, enemas, chains, shackles, gags, blindfolds, etc., all the necessary utensils for BDSM and other fetishes. Today we were allowed to accompany the extreme anal treatment of a customer with a live photo shoot. It was an enlightening experience to look over the fetish specialist's shoulder during her extraordinary work. A click that has it all! Be sure to check out the 2nd part of the photo series!